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Financial Plan Process


Our quote application will gather some vital information to help us understand your business and financial needs.

This will include a review of your personal and business income, expenses, assets & liabilities alongside a comprehensive review of your current financial arrangements.


Following our analysis, our expert experienced financial advisors will present and explain your tailored financial plan(s) using our state-of-the-art software.

This will allow you to visualise your and your business' current financial situation up to age 100 and will include our proposed recommendations to meet your goals within a realistic timeframe.

Business and individual needs, such as savings, investments, wealth extraction, tax planning, retirement planning, existing product arrangements, protection and estate planning are all included in our assessment and recommendation.


Your financial plan is tailored to you and your business' requirements.

Any proposed recommendations can be activated by our dedicated administration team upon your approval.

All paperwork can be done online for your convenience and you will be kept informed every step of the way.


As part of our service offering, we will consistently review your plans in line with your financial goals in order to fully realise your business ambitions. This will involve regular engagement and we will be in regular contact to ensure your financial plan(s) are meeting your current requirements, this will include any changes that need to be implemented.

Trusted by business Owners across ireland

Put a lot of time and energy into resolving my complicated financial requirements. Top class committment and guidance throughout.
An indepth, practical understanding of the current financial market in Ireland and seems well positioned to advise any situation. I highly recommend getting in touch.
I just had the experience I wish I got with every company I deal with, exceeding expectations.
Now I have a better understanding of my finances and I'm able to save more money and plan for the future. She also advised on having a children's savings plan to save for my child’s college education.
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How we help

For You

Assess all areas of your finances

We take a deep dive into your personal and business’ finances to assess areas for potential improvement to help you make data-driven decisions. Pinpointing areas of strength or weakness in your personal finances and business operations.

Discover your goals

We will discuss your personal goals and business’ goals and visually display them on your personal and business roadmap. This will also incorporate external factors such as inflation, income raises and interest rates. We can also present “what if” scenarios and the effect it has on your business financially. 

Create a plan

After we assess your finances we will propose experienced smart data-driven solutions to help you achieve your goals within the agreed timeframe. 

Regular reviews

Financial planning is a life-long process. Reviewing the actions recommended in your plan should take place regularly and in the event of change of income, assets, business or family circumstances. This is something we will be facilitating through our service offering.

For Your Business

Educate employees on their finances

We can educate your employees on the importance of having financial goals, how to be better with their money such as saving, investing, protecting their income and preparing for mortgages. This can be facilitated through on-site/remote workshops and presentations, including access to dedicated financial advisors.

Individual financial plans

We can provide each of your employees with tailored financial plans, helping them to create and achieve their personal financial goals. 

Employee Benefit Package

Creating an attractive employee benefits package is a key part of aquiring new talent and staff retention. We can help you set up group pension schemes and group protection plans such as income protection & life cover.

Mortgage Assistance

As an experienced mortgage intermediary, we can educate your employees on all things mortgage related, including government related schemes which are available and designed to help them acquire their dream home. We will provide them with an independent comparison of lenders and mortgage options available as well as manage the entire mortgage process from start to finish.

financial goals

Our #1 goal is helping you to achieve yours.

We believe everyone deserves access to expert financial advice, regardless of their current wealth or financial situation.

Our team of award winning professionals take a personalized and holistic approach to Financial Planning and Wealth Management. We work closely with you to create a tailored financial plan that meets your unique needs and objectives. 

Replace chance with change.