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Business Owner Financial Plan

We will assist you in implementing a concrete financial plan to ensure you meet your financial goals & are adequately protected.

Personal Financial Plan

We will assist you in implementing a concrete financial plan to ensure you meet your financial goals & are adequately protected.

Retirement Planning

Start or review pensions, choose appropriate schemes, and receive expert guidance on investment strategies and tax benefits. Assisting you with identifying retirement goals and devising personalized solutions.

Savings & Investments

A straight-forward way to save every month to help with financial goals such as college education, buying a home or helping your children onto the property ladder.

Pension Tracing

Find and trace pensions from previous employment. It is particularly helpful for people who have worked for multiple employers during their working life and wish to combine previous pensions.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management for Business Owners & Individuals to truly protect and grow existing wealth.


How does it work?

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Our quote application will gather some vital information to pair you with a financial planner to suit your unique requirements.

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We'll discover your financial goals and discuss your current financial situation including risk assessment and where potential savings could be made in your finances.

Step 3


We will present and explain your financial plan using our state-of-the-art software, allowing you to visualise your current financial situation up to age 100. This will include our proposed strategy to meet your goals within a realistic timeframe.

Step 4


As your plan is tailored for you, any recommendations that are suggested can be put in force by your financial planner if you decide to do so.

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Eithne K
An indepth, practical understanding of the current financial market in Ireland and seems well positioned to advise any situation. I highly recommending getting in touch.
Adriana C
It was a pleasure to talk to Eimear and get my financial plan. Now I have a better understanding of my finances and I'm able to save more money and plan for the future. She also advised having a children's savings plan to save for my child’s college education.
Majella T
Managed my income protection claim and from start to finish his compassionate approach to my circumstances deserves only five stars in my humble opinion. He was committed and understood from my perspective on all aspects of my concerns.
Eimhin De R
They were almost 20% lower than my usual financial advisors best price and my usual advisor could not even get close on price. A saving of almost €20 a month for 20 years is well worth having.
Evan O'D
Delighted with the service from the Mortgage team. Thanks to them I was able to go from from Approval In Principal to Keys in hand in a few weeks
Rick M
The team was very responsive and answered all the questions I had. It helped me build the trust I need to buy a pension plan with them.
Rachel O'D
As a first time buyer I had no clue when it came to mortgage applications however Bernadine was very patient and I always felt confident I was getting the best advice and offers available. I would highly recommend them for peace of mind that your mortgage is in good hands. Thanks again Bernadine for all your help!
Niamh S
I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Richard, who listened to my needs, advised me on what would work best, found me a fantastic deal and saved me a lot of money.
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Frequently asked questions


Pension plans are provided by protection companies in Ireland such as Zurich and Aviva. Generally speaking it’s easiest to think of them as savings plans with better tax benefits. If you earn over €36,800 annually you get 40% back on what you pay in. 20% back if less than €36,800. Any growth on your pension fund is tax entirely free.

You could leave the pension where it is, but this means you have less flexibility with it. You could also move it to a new company pension but the best option is generally to move it to a stanalone pension in your own name. This is called a buy out bond. You have the potential to drawdown your pension early by doing this.

A good rule of thumb for a starting point is 10% of your gross salary but it depends on a number of factors such as: when do you plan on retiring, do you already have a pension and what age you are when you start. It’s always important to consider your 20%/40% tax rebate on your contributions.

There’s no correct answer to this as it’s different for everybody. If you’re a company director – an executive pension may make sense. If you’re an employee a PRSA would make more sense, or an AVC for topping up your pension. It’s best to speak with us on a free discovery call to find out what’s most suitable for you.

Savings & Investments

The importance of understanding your risk profile is essential when investing. Your risk rating should be adjusted throughout your life, generally getting lower as you get older.

We’re big fans of the Zurich Life Child Saver plan. It allows you to put the funds in trust for your children, where they will avail of “gift tax” and your returns in our experience are much more rewarding than a bank.

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If you plan to invest for more than 3 years, the insurance companies we work with offer better returns than banks. If it’s less than 3 years, stick with the bank. There are many funds to choose from and everyones financial circumstances are different, so it’s best to speak with us first.