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Business Owner Financial Plan

As a business owner, shareholder, or director; you face unique challenges in comparison to non-business owners. Due to not only your family’s responsibility but also that of your employees and shareholders.

Employing adequate risk protection, retirement planning, estate planning, and investments, such as Executive Income Protection, a diverse investment portfolio, and maximizing your tax efficiency, creates stability and peace of mind when it comes to any liabilities you have.

Business owners often have a more variable income in comparison to employees, depending on the stage the business is at. This makes navigating a plan more difficult, as you need to be capable of depicting how a potential change in income will impact your personal and business objectives all the way into retirement. But, as our platform is entirely online, all you have to do is log in to your portal via desktop or the app and update your information, and your financial plan will change, visually showing where you’re heading.

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bank vs investment

A comparison of cash in a bank account over time vs. an investment policy.

With a Business Owner Financial Plan, our entire team of advisors is at your service. To assist you in ensuring you have what you need to retire comfortably and leave behind a legacy.

Planning for a successful future is not a one-size-fits-all type of plan. Your own business’s needs are unique. We will get to know your financial goals for your family and your business. Creating an online visual Financial Plan that comprises everything from your goals, expenses, savings, investments, pensions, and more

better plan your finances

Risk Management

Most people need to plan for the risk of unexpected death, illness, injury, or loss of income or property.

Once you become a business partner or owner, however, the risks involved are multiplied.

Such as – loss of income due to disaster, disability or death of a key business member who is affluent to the success of the business, or loss of property.

Having adequate insurance cover in place for such instances is crucial to providing adequate cover for the owner and his family. Along with protection planning for employees.

financial plan software

Our state-of-the art Financial Planning software allows you to visualize your current and future finances. Available for Desktop, iOS and Android. 

Provide direction and protection to your wealth. Start your True Wealth Business Owner Financial Plan today by making an enquiry now.

Retirement Planning

As a business owner, the thought of retiring or relinquishing your position as leader may never cross your mind. Maximizing your contributions where possible is key to building a wealth portfolio worth retiring for. Not forgetting the important tax advantages.

As a business owner, you can contribute considerably larger amounts to your pension(s) in comparison to a non-business owner, which allows you to continue the lifestyle you have become accustomed to.

Investment Planning

If you are a small business owner, it can be increasingly difficult not to solely invest in your own business. In many cases, you can make savings in other areas of your finances, to free up cash and diversify your investment portfolio. Having the self-control to not invest this back into your business is a key part of risk management and prudent investment management.

When business is in transition, money is in motion.

As a medium to large business owner, you likely have stopped investing in your own business as it has become more stable.

If you currently have investments… It’s crucial to review these as your business grows, as your risk profile changes the older you get & your financial goals change. Other key parts to assess in a review are your current management fees, allocation rates & portfolio diversification as economic environments change; such as energy, ethical responsibilities & sustainability.

If you are a medium to large business owner & haven’t yet started to diversify your investments outside of your business, we recommend getting in touch immediately as it’s crucial to align a bespoke investment strategy to your personal and businesses goals.

Estate Planning

As your business grows in value, a basic will or trust may no longer suffice for a business transfer. Such things as choosing a successor to ensure business continuity, reducing business and personal estate taxes, Section 72 insurance. Efficient use of insurance trusts / charitable trusts also play a key role in planning your estate.

The last thing you’d want is your personal and business assets ending up in probate court. Having a comprehensive plan for your estate is essential for ensuring the transition of your assets are smooth for your family and work colleagues.

Nobody can predict the future, but we can plan for it.

Lifestyle Guidance

Lifestyle guidance is an increasingly important element to every financial plan and especially our service.

There are many financial, physical and emotional pressures on business owners, directors and shareholders. It’s very important to have a knowledgable and experienced third party advocate to assist in drawing up a plan for your life.

It helps to have someone you can talk to when making decisions around property, employment, children, wills or succession.

Think of us as part of your team. An extended department of your business. 
Helping you to plan and achieve your goals, so that you can focus on leading your business.

Cashflow Modelling

An important part of a Business Owner Financial Plan is our Online Cashflow Model, which helps us to look at your current cashflow & create potential scenarios. This will allow you to visualise how your financial future situation may look under different circumstances. Paired with stress-testing our proposed solutions up to 10,000 times using deterministic modelling.

The reasoning behind this is.. Markets don’t behave in a linear fashion, neither should a future cashflow model. The stress test, called ‘Monte Carlo’ will take into account your current attitude towards risk, market trends and provide a pessimistic, optimistic and average outcome lines which you can see below.

financial planning cashflow stress test


A view of our Monte-Carlo stress test

Based on your goals and using certain assumptions, The Cashflow Modelling view will show you in real time how much money you have now, will have in the future, and how your family or businesses future could potentially be affected by unplanned events such as loss of personal or business income, illness or even death.

This timeline (up to age 100) will help you to see for example: When to increase any investment strategies to cover potential shortfalls, or what the impact of withdrawing money in the future would have on your income.

The idea is that it gives you a detailed vision of your financial future and better context for making further financial decisions. As an example, it would show you how your wealth would be affected if you were to buy a property in 5 or 10 years, start another business or investing a large sum of money.

Your online portal can be refreshed and updated as your life progresses so it always gives you a true picture of your financial future.

cashflow stress test planning


Cashflow models can be stress tested and be used to simulate market events

Our Financial Planning Software is available for iOS, Android & Desktop for your convenience.

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