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Personal Financial Plan

A Personal Financial plan is quite simply a roadmap to financial peace of mind for now & the future.

Having a plan ensures you’re more likely to fulfil your financial goals, plan for retirement, protect your hard-earned money and ensure you are availing of the best tax-back incentives available.

It involves taking a deep dive into your current financial situation, assessing what’s working, what’s not working and what your goals are in 5, 10 or even 40 years’ time.

After assessing your current situation and attitude towards risk, we will implement the proposed solutions to ensure you meet your financial goals.


As you journey through life, your financial objectives and requirements may evolve. That’s why, when we meet you, we take a comprehensive approach to fully understand your current financial situation and future ambitions. We begin by evaluating your assets, income and expenses and then work with you to establish your long-term goals and objectives.

Maximize your time and embark on shaping your future today. Request a quote now.

We will help you achieve your personal financial goals, whether it's to:

Save for a deposit, or a new car.

Grow your retirement fund.

Fund your children’s education or wedding.

Protect your family in the event of the unexpected.


Our State of the art Financial Planning app will allow you to visualise your current and future financial situation. Available for Desktop, iOS & Android.

Provide direction and protection to your wealth. Start your True Wealth Personal Financial Plan today by making an enquiry now.

Cashflow Modelling

An important part of a personal financial plan is Online Cashflow Modelling, which helps us create scenarios that allows you to visualise how your financial future situation may look using different scenarios, alongside stress-testing the proposed solutions up to 10,000 times using deterministic modelling. The reasoning behind this is.. Markets don’t behave in a linear fashion, neither should the cashflow model. The stress test, called ‘Monte Carlo’ will take into account your current attitude towards risk, market trends and provide a pessimistic, optimistic and average outcome lines which you can see below.

financial planning cashflow stress test


A view of our stress test in action.

Based on your goals and using prudent assumptions, The Cashflow Modelling view will show you in real time how much money you have now, will have in the future, and how your familys future could potentially be affected by unplanned events such as loss of income, illness or even death.

This timeline (up to age 100) will help you to see for example: When to increase your investment strategy to cover potential shortfalls, or what the impact of withdrawing money for a special occasion in the future would have on your retirement income.

The idea is that it gives you a detailed vision of your financial future and better context for making further financial decisions. As an example, it would show you how your wealth would be affected if you were to buy a property in 5 or 10 years, start a new business, investing money or taking a dream holiday. Or even what your options would be if you were to experience a sudden windfall.

Your online portal can be refreshed and updated as your life progresses so it always gives you a true picture of your financial future.


Cashflow models can be stress tested and be used to simulate market events

Our Financial Planning Software is available for iOS, Android & Desktop for your convenience. Book an appointment to gain access to our financial planning platform and get started today.

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