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I have received a sum of money and want to invest it.

I want to invest money monthly into a savings plan

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Investing a lump sum of money in Ireland

Investing a lump sum of money in Ireland can be a great strategy to create wealth over the long term along-side protecting your money against inflation.

We have a wide range of options including capital funds, specialised equity funds and property options, which will allow us to create a tailored plan to suit your attitude towards risk.

Investing a lump sum at once can be a wise choice because of faster returns due to compound interest on a larger initial investment amount, lower costs, and more flexible investing possibilities such as availability to invest in Greenman Open funds.

We can provide a service to drip-feed your lump sum into specified investment funds if we determine this better suits your investment goals.

Bespoke Tailored Plans to suit your attitude towards risk.

Range of funds with easy-access to your savings when required.

Straight-forward way to maximize your savings.


Investment Goals You Could Achieve

Features of a Lump Sum Investment


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Lump Sum Investment Information

What return can I expect from an Investment Plan?

This can vary depending on a number of factors such as length of time invested, fund selection and risk rating.

Below shows average return for Zurich multi-asset fund profiles as an example, over 5 years and 10 years.

Each line below represents different risk profiles. (Prisma 2, 3,4 etc)

10 Year Fund Performance

5 Year Fund Performance

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What does a lump sum imply?

If you suddenly find yourself with a significant sum of money, you might choose to deposit it all at once into a savings account. You may have even saved this over time.

Examples of lump sum payments include:

What are some things to consider before investing a lump sum?

Before making a lump-sum investment in Ireland, you should think about your financial situation, investment objectives, risk tolerance, timeframe, investment costs, and tax repercussions. This can all be discussed with you on an initial consultation.

Can I get help with investing my lump sum?

We highly recommend investment advice to ensure that you’re investing the most suitable funds over the correct timeframe.

Our award winning advisors will help you in determining how much you might require for your goals, will complete a risk questionnaire with you to better understand your risk tolerance, and recommend providers and funds to suit the time sensitivity of your goals.

We also offer an annual review of your investment plan to ensure your investment strategy is on track.

How can I make sure I’m getting the best deal when investing?

We compare investment funds, their charges and the investment performance of all leading investment providers in Ireland. We ensure that the suggested investment option matches your level of investment risk tolerance and that all fees are completely disclosed and kept to a bare minimum.

What types of investment strategies do you provide?

For medium to long-term investors, we provide a wide range of investment options based on your attitude towards risk, your investment goals and timeframe.

What is the the plans suggested minimum investment period?

Generally, we recommend at least 5 years. While certain items can be more suited for short-term investments, others might require a longer-term perspective.

How will I be able to access my savings?

While some products allow you to access your funds immediately, others could lock it up for a set amount of time. There is an “Easy Access” option available with most investment providers, meaning you can quickly access your savings when you need it most.

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8 out of 10 Irish Investors want to invest responsibly.

Introducing.. ESG Funds.

What are ESG Funds and what are the benefits?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments focus on investing in companies that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices. This kind of investment aims to generate long-term value not only for investors but, also for society and the planet.

The difference between ESG and Non-ESG funds is that the last one invests in companies that provide products or services that are harmful to the planet or society, such as those involved in tobacco manufacturing.

As a result, it can be considered a high-risk investment because their stocks are more volatile and open to large price fluctuations in the stock market; also due to government regulation that may restrict investments in certain industries or companies that are considered controversial or high-risk.

More and more investment providers are steering towards ESG funds and the return more recently is equal and in a lot of cases outperform standard funds that include unethical fund choices such as tobacco.


Considers the companies environmental impact, social and governing practices.


Ethical investment choices avoid or select investments based on specified ethical guidelines. 


Consider long-term terms, ideas and values that factor in ESG such as Forestation. 

Climate Impact

Actively selects companies that have a measurable positive impact on the environment.

Benefits of ESG investments

8 out of 10 Irish investors want to invest responsibly.

We strongly believe that investing in well managed companies that take strong considerations towards environmental factors and social equality will outperform those that don’t over the long term.

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