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At True Wealth, we believe diversification is essential for successful investing.
We aim to provide our clients with a wide range of investment options that are diversified and regulated, each tailored to suit our clients goals..

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Investment Principles

The investment funds we select consist of global equities and various asset classes, offering varied risk and reward levels. These investment funds have a proven track record year on year, of delivering consistent medium-long term growth.

Additionally we seek opportunities that provide diversification, tax efficiencies, and protection against inflation. Our strategies include alternative investments, real assets, and Tax-Back investments such as EIIS (Employment Incentive Investment Scheme).

We understand some clients might prefer a more stable investment journey.. To cater to their needs, we also offer low-risk and capital-protected investment products.

We believe in providing continuous updates and guidance to our clients throughout their investment journey. We adjust our investment plans to fit their financial life-cycle.

When investing, it’s crucial to consider risk tolerance and your investment goals. Whether you invest to generate income, or to grow your capital… We can help you choose the right investment strategy to suit.

It’s also important to consider that investment policies generally provide better returns than having your money in the bank. The returns from a bank savings account may not keep up to pace with inflation.

Investing can offer higher returns over the medium to long term, while protecting your money against the negative effects of inflation. However – investing always involves risk, and it’s essential to invest only what you can afford to potentially lose.

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What should I consider when investing?

There are many things to consider when investing, such as how much you can afford, for how long and what you are trying to achieve, but the most important is your attitude towards risk. Risk is measured using a risk profile on a scale of 1-7.

What's a good option when saving for children's education?

We can provide options for Childrens savings plans, where your money is put in trust for your child, relative, god-child and the child will then avail of gift tax. Ideally it is suited for those who wish to save for 5 years or more

The childrens savings plan allows you to maximise the Gift Tax when saving for your child or grandchild by enabling you to legally assign it to the child. Making full use of the Gift Tax annual exemption limit of €3,000 for any individual or €6,000 for a married couple. The childrens savings plan is designed to allow you to start planning for the childs future such as  .


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