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Summer in Ireland is not just about enjoying the warmer weather and extended daylight; it’s also a time when expenses can skyrocket due to various seasonal activities and needs. 

By preparing a robust financial plan that covers these expenses, you can tweak your budget as needed and enjoy a stress-free summer without overspending.

Why Is Budgeting for Summer Expenses Important?

A budget is a part of financial planning that helps you manage your money effectively. 

Budgeting for summer is important for several reasons but mainly helps you control the increased expenses that typically occur during this season, such as travel, outdoor activities, and home maintenance projects. 

By setting a budget, you can allocate funds appropriately, ensuring that you cover all your expected costs without overspending. This proactive approach helps prevent financial strain and debt accumulation, which can arise from unplanned or impulse purchases.

You can create a dedicated summer fund to assist you with all extra expenses you might have throughout the sunsational season.

Here are the most common summer expenses you might have:


Summer holidays are a highlight, but costs can add up quickly. From flight tickets to accommodations and theme park entries, expenses can spiral if not planned carefully.

Budgeting Tips: 

Creating a detailed spreadsheet for your holiday expenses can significantly streamline your budgeting process. 

Start by listing all potential costs, such as food, car rentals, accommodations, and gifts. For each category, estimate the expected expenditure based on previous trips or online research. 

This approach clearly represents your financial commitments and helps identify areas where you can cut costs or allocate funds more efficiently. 

By keeping all holiday-related expenses in one place, you can manage your budget better and enjoy your holidays without financial stress.


Barbecuing, especially during the summer, can become a significant expense whether you’re upgrading your grill or frequently hosting barbecue parties. 

Budgeting Tips: 

To manage these costs effectively, consider investing in a quality grill that offers durability and fuel efficiency. Purchase it during off-season sales to take advantage of lower prices. 

For hosting, buy meats and other essentials in bulk when they are on sale. Plan your menu around seasonal produce, which is often cheaper and fresher. 

Additionally, potluck-style gatherings should be encouraged, where guests contribute a dish, reducing the burden on the host. By adopting these strategies, you can enjoy frequent and fun barbecues without breaking the bank.

Home Renovation

Summer’s dry weather makes it ideal for home maintenance projects, particularly painting. 

Budgeting Tips: 

Consider purchasing your paint supplies during sales or using leftover paints for small touch-ups to cut costs. 

Additionally, setting aside a contingency fund of about 10-20% of the total budget can help cover unexpected expenses, ensuring the renovation stays on track without financial strain. 

Boost Your Home Renovation Budget By Switching Your Mortgage

An effective way to secure extra funds for home renovations is by considering a switch in your mortgage plan

Often, homeowners can find better mortgage rates or more favourable terms than their current setup, leading to significant savings on monthly payments. 

These savings can then be redirected towards your renovation budget, providing a substantial boost without needing additional income. 

It’s advisable to consult with one of our financial advisors at True Wealth to explore the best options available and understand the potential savings and benefits of refinancing or switching your mortgage. 

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From reviving the garden to starting new projects, gardening can be both therapeutic and costly. It also involves various expenses, from soil and seeds to tools and gardening supplies. 

Budgeting Tips: 

Invest in perennial plants that last multiple seasons. Buy seeds and compost in bulk, and consider cost-effective DIY pest control solutions.

To manage these costs effectively, start by planning your garden layout and choosing plants that are both suited to your local climate and relatively low maintenance. 

Buying seeds, bulbs, and young plants in bulk or during sales can offer significant savings. 

Additionally, investing in perennial plants that return year after year can reduce annual spending. 

By budgeting carefully and making smart choices, you can enjoy a lush, beautiful garden without overspending.

Summer Clothing

With the change in season comes a need for a wardrobe update, especially for children who outgrew last year’s clothes.

Budgeting Tips: 

To keep costs down while refreshing your wardrobe, prioritise purchasing versatile basics that can mix and match easily. 

Taking advantage of end-of-season sales the year before can provide significant savings on high-quality items. 

For children, consider slightly larger sizes to accommodate growth over the year. 

Additionally, explore second-hand stores or online resale platforms where you can find barely worn or even new items at a fraction of the cost. 

Outdoor Furniture and Entertainment

Investing in outdoor furniture and entertainment, such as toys and games, enhances summer enjoyment but can also increase costs. 

The dream of enjoying sunny evenings lounging on a cozy bistro set under a pergola can quickly turn into a financial nightmare without proper budgeting.

Budgeting Tips: 

To manage your budget effectively, consider durability and multi-functionality when purchasing outdoor furniture, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and serve multiple purposes. 

For outdoor toys, prioritise items that cater to different age groups and encourage active play, extending their usefulness across many summers. 

Keep an eye out for end-of-season sales or online marketplaces for second-hand options, which can offer significant savings. 

Additionally, DIY projects can be a fun and cost-effective way to create unique outdoor entertainment features like sandbox or swings, adding personal touches without the high price tag.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is essential for maintaining your home’s curb appeal during the summer, but it can also be a significant expense. 

Budgeting Tips: 

To manage these costs effectively, consider doing as much of the work yourself as possible, from mowing to fertilising. 

Investing in a good lawnmower and other necessary tools might have an upfront cost, but it will save you money in the long run compared to hiring professionals. 

Summer Camp Expenses for Kids 

According to a recent survey, as school holidays begin, parents are dealing with high summer camp expenses, which approach €1,500 for a family with two primary-school children

This large amount highlights the financial challenges many families face to ensure their kids have a rewarding summer. 

Budgeting Tips: 

To manage these costs, we recommend planning ahead and budgeting wisely. Considering different camp options, taking advantage of early booking discounts, and considering local programs can help keep expenses down.

 By being proactive, parents can manage these costs and still let their kids enjoy summer activities.

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Back-to-School Expenses

When it comes to back-to-school expenses, the key is to start planning and shopping early. 

This approach not only spreads out the financial impact over several months but also capitalises on sales and discounts that occur before the rush of the school season. 

Budgeting Tips: 

Create a comprehensive list of necessary supplies and clothing, and stick to it to avoid impulse buys. 

Check out our article featuring 8 budgeting tips to help you manage back-to-school expenses without overspending.

Eating Out

Eating out more frequently is a common trend during the summer months, as the pleasant weather and relaxed atmosphere encourage dining at restaurants and cafes. 

This can become a considerable expense without mindful budgeting. 

According to a survey, eating out in Dublin is more expensive than in London, Paris and Rome. According to the data, a three-course meal for two in Dublin costs €80, while the average price for a similar meal in a Paris restaurant is €60.

Budgeting Tips: 

Consider setting a monthly limit for eating out to keep costs in check. Take advantage of special offers, such as early bird specials or happy hour discounts, which are often available during the weekdays. 

Additionally, opting for shared meals, such as pizza, can also reduce the bill. 

Another cost-effective strategy is to pack picnics for outings. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors while controlling your meal spending.

Wedding Season

Summer is a popular time for weddings, and participating in these joyful occasions can quickly become a substantial expense. 

Budgeting Tips: 

To keep costs manageable, plan your budget for the wedding season well in advance. Consider setting aside a specific amount for each event you’ll attend, including travel, accommodations, outfits, and gifts. 

Carpooling to venues can further cut down on travel costs, making the wedding season more enjoyable and less financially stressful.


Increased activities mean more driving, whether it’s for fun outings or daily errands and child pick-ups.

Fuel costs can rise in the summer due to increased travel for vacations, day trips, and social events, significantly impacting your budget. 

Budgeting Tips: 

To manage these expenses, plan your routes efficiently to minimise unnecessary driving. 

Carpooling is another effective strategy, especially when heading to common destinations like beaches or parks, reducing individual fuel costs. 

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained, such as ensuring tires are properly inflated and regular engine check-ups can also improve fuel efficiency. 

Additionally, consider walking or biking to nearby destinations to cut down on fuel usage.

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How Can Couples Budget for Summer Together?

One of the top five reasons married couples argue is money.

Managing summer expenses as a couple requires thoughtful planning and open communication. 

It’s important to start by setting clear, mutual goals for what you both want out of your summer—whether it’s travel, home improvements, expenses with the kids, or simply enjoying local entertainment. 

Together, create a budget that accommodates these plans while still prioritising savings and essential expenses. 

You can enjoy a fulfilling summer without financial stress by working as a team.

Check out our article for insights on why couples often disagree about money and get practical tips on how to start budgeting together.

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